SDGS  Special Interest Groups and 

Computer and Software Users Groups 

SDGS Special Interest Groups focus on specific areas of genealogical research and cover topics in depth. They meet regularly throughout the month at various locations around San Diego County.

Note: Some of these meetings are held via Zoom until further notice and is noted of meeting times below. If you like to register, please contact the facilitator noted for the meeting at least a couple of days before the event.

Participants are often encouraged to bring their research challenges to the workshop where the facilitator and others will assist with solutions. The workshops are open to the public at no charge. 

Check the Calendar of Events for current dates, times, topics and locations,
as they are subject to change with short or no notice.


SDGS British Isles Special Interest   Group

The British Isles Group covers all countries in the British Isles, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. We show you which resources are available in different time periods and how to access them using a variety of genealogy websites. The civil and eclesiastical structures are shown as they relate to both the church and civil genealogical records. Attendees are encouraged to talk about their British trips.

Group meets via Zoom most months. Please check our calendar for the next meeting.

Contact facilitator Colin Whitney for more information.

SDGS Publishing Group

Genealogists spend much of their time finding information about their ancestors. This group talks about how to communicate that information to other genealogists and family members alike. The group will explore a wide variety of techniques and media to publish your research. Genealogy books, family album, e-books, blogging and blog books will be covered.

Contact facilitator Dona Ritchie for more information.


The DNA Study Group focuses on the basics of DNA, organizing your data, and testing your DNA at the major websites. The tools available at these websites which help you understand your results will be described, as well as many of the third-party tools.

Group meets via Zoom 4th Saturday, 12 pm - 2 pm most months.

Contact facilitator Colin Whitney for more information.

Computer and Genealogy Software User Groups

Computer Basics PC or Mac provides a forum for discussing computer issues or problems you are dealing with and a place to receive one-on-one assistance in solving an issue. The group is open to all levels of experience.

Contact facilitator Dave Tooley for more information.


German     Special Interest   Groups 

The SDGS German Interest Group explores a wide variety of subjects related to German genealogy and non-German topics of general interest. Meetings offer SDGS members and visitors nationally recognized speakers, and interactive classes where members can bring individual issues to be discussed.

Group meets via Zoom 3rd Wednesday, 1 pm - 3 pm. 

Contact facilitator Amy Chidester for more information.

SDGS Writers Group

The SDGS Writers Group serves to light the creative fire in its members, helping them to weave the stories of their ancestors' lives, going beyond the often dry lists of ancestral birth, marriage and death dates. The group is peer-led and writers read their work aloud. Gentle critiques guide writers to better express themselves, and brain-storming provides ideas to unlock writer’s block. Both novice and experienced writers are welcome. All that is required is a genuine willingness to learn and produce.

Contact facilitator Diane Altona for more information.


Roots Magic User Group

RootsMagic is a comprehensive software tool used to research, organize and share genealogy information. This User Group strives to help members use and get the most from the multitude of features. It is appropriate for all levels from beginner to professional. Bring problems or issues to receive individualized help. All RootsMagic users are welcome to attend.

Contact facilitator Randy Seaver for more information.

SDGS Hispanic Saturdays

Hispanic Study Group meets to discuss and provide assistance to Hispanic researchers. Your host is a veteran genealogist in a state-of-the-art library. Whether you are new to genealogy or searching for years, expert guidance can save you months and years of research time. Bring your pedigree charts and family history sheets and/or your laptop and join Hispanic researchers and experts so as to see your family’s “big picture.”

Contact facilitator Ceasar Castro for more information.


  SDGS Brickwall Brainstorming

Run into what genealogists call a “brick wall?” Do you have a problem ancestor you can’t find no matter where you have looked? Bring the family information you have found on this or other ancestors and break down your brickwall.

Contact facilitator Kitty Taylor for more information.

Family Tree 
Maker User Group

Family Tree Maker combines standard genealogy software features with the ability to integrate with and  features. The SDGS Family Tree Maker User Group shows attendees how to use their genealogy program on personal computers. All Family Tree Maker users for both PC and Mac are invited to attend. 

Contact facilitator Dave Tooley for more information.

Reunion User Group

Reunion, the primary software tool for Mac, is the focus of this workshop although other genealogy topics of interest are discussed. Each session starts with questions from the previous month’s topic and proceeds with the topic of meeting-- a combination of a formal presentation, demonstration of the use of Reunion, and a problem—solving session where individualized help is provided.

This group meets via Zoom 1st Tuesday, 12 pm - 2 pm.

Contact facilitator Anne Alves for more information.

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