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Genealogy Classes

Below are the 9 am (PT) classes offered for 2024. Additional classes will be added throughout the upcoming months. Classes on genealogy, family history, media/technology, and computer skills are held at 9 am (PT) just prior to the regular 10 am (PT) meeting. Classes are designed for a variety of interests and ability levels and are often used as a refresher. These classes are held virtually via Zoom until further notice.

Please check our calendar for registration information for each class.  

Other classes may be scheduled to meet new needs or interests of members. 

The Calendar of Events will display current dates, times and topics for these classes, as they are subject to change with short or no notice.

Finding your Ancestors in Ireland

Time - February 10, 2024

Presenter - John Bennett

Finding records of your Ancestors in Ireland can be challenging because of the catastrophic loss of key records in the Four Courts Fire in 1922. John has traced his ancestors back from their arrival in Philadelphia in 1829. To do this he had to examine unusual records to uncover the region of origin. Canada. This is their story.

Tips for Finding Living People

Time - April 13

Presenter  - Colin Whitney

There are many circumstances when we wish to find living people. They arise in our normal daily lives. In genealogy finding the living is often required while investigating our DNA cousins or performing descendency research. The problem is that many of the records we use are not available for living people. In this class I will show you tips and techniques for circimventing this problem.

AI in Genealogy

Time - February 10, 2024

Presenter – Jessica Taylor

Artificial Intelligence is a brand new tool which is being used in virtually all walks of life. jessica will show you how it can help you with your genealogical research

Preparing for a Research Trip

Time - April 13

Presenter  - Nancy Sprotte

Preparing adequately for a genealogy trip can make the difference between achieving your objectives or not. Nancy will should you the steps she went through to prepare for her recent trip. The techniques she will share with you can be used for any destination.

Reading German Handwriting

Time - March 9

Presenter - Barbara Stanculescu

Reading original German documents is difficult but Barbara has spent many years practicing the art. If you have documents which you are having trouble reading, Barbara can help. Send your documents to the email below by March 2 and she will read them in class.

Send Barbara your handwriting documents by March 2

Handy Online Tips and Tools

Time - June 8

Presenter  -  Robin McCarthy

In searching for her ancestors, Robin has discovered many useful strategies which have which have lead to successful discoveries and have accelerated her research. In this class, Robin will share these tips with you.

Best Practices for Handling Incorrect Information

Time - March 9

Presenter  - Anne Alves

We have all encountered situations in our genealogy research where the information we are looking at is wrong. This can arise on records or in family trees. In records, it may be a transcription error while in family trees it may be someone who found the wrong record for an ancestor. So what do you do about this? I will tell you the best strategies to use.

Orientation to San Diego Genealogical Society 

Time - TBD

Presenter – Colin Whitney

This class will focus on the San Diego Genealogical Society- its people and its programs. We will discuss the history of the society, its officers, and educational opportunities. We will talk about the brand new benefits and programs which we have recently introduced.

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