Fall Seminar

  • 19 Sep 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Webinar

Fall Seminar

with Guest Speaker

Tom Jones, PhD, CG 

Speaker bio

Session 1: Combining Sources to Identify an Immigrant Origin and Arrival Record

An immigrant German-speaking family’s lore gives four countries of origin and scant information about their American arrival. Potential records for the family’s arrival, composition, and European origin differ from family stories. Can the conflicts be resolved? Can their European roots, relationships, and arrival record be confidently identified?

Session 2: Building a Credible Lineage, Despite Missing Information, Conflicting and Incorrect  Records, and Finding Undocumented Publications

A case study teaches how to establish credibility of undocumented genealogies, merge seemingly separate identities, remedy record errors, resolve conflicting evidence, and separate same-named men.

Session 3: Overcoming Research Barriers: A Case Study

The story of researching the origins and genealogy of a German-speaking immigrant who settled in St. Louis and Southern Illinois provides lessons on research planning and execution, research barriers, sources, and biographical reconstruction of long forgotten lives and relationships.

Session 4: Finding "Unfindable" Ancestors

The failure of common research practices to identify ancestors does not mean they are unfindable. This session will describe and demonstrate nine approaches to locating difficult-to-trace ancestors.

This is a free event. The public is welcome!


Sponsored by the German Interest Group 

and the Sacramento German Genealogy Society

This webinar is brought to you free of charge due to the generous contribution from the Sacramento German Genealogy Society made in recognition of the hard work of the San Diego Genealogical Society’s German Interest Group at the 2019 International German Genealogy Conference in Sacramento.


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