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Genealogy Classes

Below are the 9 am (PT) classes offered for 2023. Classes on genealogy, family history, media/technology, and computer skills are held at 9 am (PT) just prior to the regular 10 am (PT) meeting. Classes are designed for a variety of interests and ability levels and are often used as a refresher. These classes are held virtually via Zoom until further notice.

Please check our calendar for registration information for each class.  

Other classes may be scheduled to meet new needs or interests of members. 

The Calendar of Events will display current dates, times and topics for these classes, as they are subject to change with short or no notice.

The New England Planters  - Emigrants Before the British Loyalists

Time - February 11, 2023

Presenter - Colin Whitney

The story of the British Loyalists is well known. However, a decade and a half prior to the American Revolution, American colonists were enticed by land grants to repatriate to Canada. This is their story.

NSDAR Membership – The Benefits, How it Works, and Where to Start

Time - April 8, 2023

    Presenter – Jennifer Kraus

     The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) is a women’s service organization whose membership is based on being able to trace a woman’s lineage to an individual who supported the American Revolution. The organization was founded in 1890 with the mission of promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism. . Learn about the benefits of membership and how to go about getting the process started.

    Accuracy in Genealogy Research

    Time - February 11, 2023

    Presenter Donald Williams

    Don will discuss the importance of accuracy in your genealogy research


    Time - May 13, 2023

    Presenter Barbara Stanculescu

    Barbara will demonstrate the key techniques for German research by focusing on records which are available for Wuerttemberg.

    In Search of Mary Jane Allen

    Time - March 11, 2023

    Presenter –  John Finch

    John will present a case study which describes how he discovered his ancestor Mary Jane Allen.

    A Cast of Thousands: Telling Your Family Stories Through Weekly Episodes

    Time - May 13, 2023

    Presenter - Stephen Hamilton

    Stephen will tell you his system for writing family stories and how it keeps him motivated.

    What's in a Name? A.K.A. the Name Game

    Time - July 8, 2023

    Presenter – Anne Alves

    Anne will show you how much information you can obtain from a name

    Organizing my Swiss trips

    Time - April 8, 2023

    Presenter –  Christy Dolan

    Christy will show you how the preparations she made for her trips to Switzerland helped her discover more about her ancestors

    Using Timelines in Genealogy

    Time - June 10, 2023

    Presenter – Anne Alves

    Anne will show you how timelines can assist you in eliminating ancestor candidates and events.

    Finding the Living

    Time - July 8, 2023

    Presenter - Colin Whitney

    As genealogists, we spend a lot of time searching for the records of deceased ancestors. But what do we do when we need to search for someone who is still alive? Privacy restrictions limit our ability to follow the normal paper trail. This situation occurs often in tracing a DNA cousins and there are many other arenas where we need to identify someone. Colin will talk about strategies which can help you in this endeavor

    Creating a Blog is easy!

    Time - August 12, 2023

    Presenter - Diane Gould Hall

    Diane will show you that creating a blog is easy and fun to do. With her technique you will be able to share your family stories and meet new cousins.

    Orientation to San Diego Genealogical Society 

    Time - TBD

    Presenter – Colin Whitney

    This class will focus on the San Diego Genealogical Society- its people and its programs. We will discuss the history of the society, its officers, and educational opportunities. We will talk about the brand new benefits and programs which we have recently introduced.

    German Handwriting Translation

    Time - August 12, 2023

    Presenter Barbara Stanculescu

    Barbara will teach you how to read German script. See event on the calendar for direction on how you can get assistance with a record from Barbara in this class.

    The Brick Wall FAN Club - Join Today

    Time - October 14, 2023

    Presenter : Patricia Diane Godinez

    Diane will show you what she has been able to achieve with her research by using the FAN club methodology.

    "Common Ancestors" on AncestryDNA Matches: What you Should Know.

    Time - October 14, 2023

    Presenter: Marshall Clow

    Ancestry provides tools which help us discover how we are related to our matches. One of those tools in Thrulines which searches members' trees to find common ancestors which occur in your and your matches' tree. Marshall will discuss some surprising quirks in the results Ancestry provides.

    Linking FAN Club Members to your Family Tree

    Time - November 11, 2023

    Presenter Anne Alves

    Anne will show you how to link FAN Club members to your Family Tree and the benefits which come from that.

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