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Below are the 9 am (PT) classes offered for 2022. Classes on genealogy, family history, media/technology, and computer skills are held at 9 am (PT) just prior to the regular 10 am (PT) meeting. Classes are designed for a variety of interests and ability levels and are often used as a refresher. These classes will be held via Zoom until further notice.

Please check our calendar for registration information for each class.  

Other classes may be scheduled to meet new needs or interests of members. 

The Calendar of Events will display current dates, times and topics for these classes, as they are subject to change with short or no notice.

California Pioneer Certificate Program

Time - Feb 12

    Presenter – Darlene Conner Sampley

    The San Diego Genealogical Society is honoring pioneers of the State of California who helped shape its future, by offering ancestral recognition certificates. The first is the California Pioneer Certificate validating descendancy from a settler in California prior to its creation as a state in 1850. The second is the California History Certificate validating descendancy from pioneers who experienced one of three historical events—the Gold Rush of 1848-1860, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, or the California Missions prior to 1850. We will discuss the details of this new program and future plans.

    Finding my Swiss Ancestors

    Time - Apr 9

    Presenter –  Christy Dolan

    Christy will discuss how she found the Swiss cantons where her ancestors resided and the records available to trace them.

    Reunion: Chronologies and Timelines

    Time - Feb 12

    Presenter Anne Alves

    Reunion is the premier genealogical software tool for the MAC and incorporates numerous features to help you with your genealogy research. This class will discuss two of them: chronologies and timelines.

    Salt Lake City Preparation Class

    Presenters  Gloria Osborn, Kay Swenningsen and Cindy Taiclet

    Each year the San Diego Genealogical Society sponsors a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The Library features the largest collection of genealogical records in the world and so finding your way around it can be daunting. This class will describe the library organization and layout, how to access records and tips for efficiently finding the records you are looking for.

    Canadian Records

    Time - Mar 12

    Presenter – Colin Whitney

    Since the early days when Europeans settled North America there has been a constant flow of migrants between Canada and the United States. This class will show you how you can find the records of your Canadian ancestors.

    Genealogy Research

    Time - May 14

    Presenter Donald Williams

    In this class Don will cover the key genealogical topics which will help you with your family research. He will talk about the tools available, how to locate sources both here and abroad, the importance of geography, and how to use family trees.

    My Ancestor was David Jones from Wales

    Time - Mar 12

    Presenter –  Judy Ross

    Searching for a David Jones in Wales can be a very frustrating experience with so many people having the same name. Judith will discuss the steps she took to research her ancestor and show you some of the tools she used.

    Introduction to German Research

    Time - June 11

    Presenter Barbara Stanculescu

    Come and learn about German Genealogy from someone who lived there for a good portion of her life. Barbara will tell you what you need to know to be successful in finding your German ancestors.

    Orientation to San Diego Genealogical Society 

    Time - June 11

    Presenter – Colin Whitney

    This class will focus on the San Diego Genealogical Society- its people and its programs. We will discuss the history of the society, its officers, and educational opportunities. We will talk about the brand new benefits and programs which we have recently introduced.


    Time - July 9

    Presenter – Anne Alves

    Geography plays a critical role in genealogy. Anne will show you how to obtain the most benefit to your research, and  where to find and how to use the most appropriate maps.

    DNA Ethnicity 

    Time - Oct 8

    Presenter Colin Whitney

    DNA has become an important tool in researching our ancestors. One of the key results we are provided is our ethnicity. These results can be confusing and sometimes unexpected. Colin will discuss what these results can show you.


    Time - Nov 12

    Presenter Barbara Stanculescu

    Barbara will demonstrate the key techniques for German research by focusing on records which are available for Wuerttemberg.

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