Genealogy Classes

Meet at 9am in the classroom upstairs at St Andrews Lutheran Church just prior to our second Saturday meeting.

The classes cover a wide range of topics of interest such as social media, computer genealogy software selection, working with census records, online resources, etc. 


April 14 



The San Diego Family search Library

Presenter Don Martin, Co-Director of the San Diego family Search Library


  Don will talk about the resources available at the San Diego Family Search Library. These include many computers,  microfilm and microfiche readers for your use, free online database access, access to the Salt Lake City Library resources, and trained volunteers to help.




The Genealogy Family Album

Presenter Colin Whitney


What do you do with the information you have uncovered about your ancestors? An answer is the genealogy family album. This talk shows how to combine your family pedigree charts, church records, documents, old photos and more with other information normally found in a family album. You will see how to use data mining to extract new information from your family tree allowing you to characterize your tree as a whole and to understand how it has evolved over time. You can add your family narrative to tell your family stories and to describe your photos and documents. The genealogy family album provides a comprehensive, reader friendly document that you can hand down to future generations.


May 12 


Publishing Your Own Genealogy Family Album

presenter Colin Whitney  


This presentation starts with a recap of the genealogy family album. It discusses which kinds of information to search for that fit well in the album format. It describes how to lay out your information, how to organize your documents to facilitate assembly of the album, how to format charts, maps and residence data, and how to insert your family narrative. A list of software tools required is provided as well as how they are used. Techniques for keeping the generations straight are shown. We talk about the advantages of e-book versus hardcopy. 

















Limited Seating, RSVP Required to  for a spot if you plan to attend.


For more information about these classes, please check the calendar of events.



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