Genealogy Classes

Meet at 9am in the classroom upstairs at St Andrews Lutheran Church just prior to our second Saturday meeting.

The classes cover a wide range of topics of interest such as social media, computer genealogy software selection, working with census records, online resources, etc. 

From Bits, Bytes and Pixels to JPG,TIFF and PDF: An Explanation Of Image File Formats

Presenter Marshall Clow

How are images stored on your computer? What are the differences between a PDF file and JPG file? What does “300 dpi” mean? What are the tradeoffs that you can make when scanning and manipulating photos? This information will help you when dealing with your photos.

German Translation Class

Presenter Barbara Stanculescu

This class will help attendees who have documents in German scripture which need to be translated. Examples are church documents like birth certificates, marriage and death certificates as well as civil certificates. If you have documents you would like translated, you are encouraged to send them to me at abcde_bunch@ That way we can project them on the screen so that everyone can participate.



Limited Seating, RSVP Required to  for a spot if you plan to attend.


For more information about these classes, please check the calendar of events.


Address: Post Office Box 635057

San Diego, CA 92163


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