Genealogy Classes

A series of genealogy classes is offered by the San Diego Genealogical Society on a continual and revolving basis. Interested persons may join the classes at any time. Classes are free and open to the public. Class size is limited and advance registration is requested (but not required).  To register, or for more information, please contact us.
Classes are designed for a variety of research levels and emphasize best practices, from getting started to intermediate and advanced level research, and are often used as a refresher. Attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook (for taking notes and holding handouts) and any records they already have on themselves, their parents and grandparents.

Classes are held before the regular monthly Society meeting. Attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook or mobile digital device (i.e., iPad, laptop, tablet, etc.) for note taking and to bring any pertinent family records they posess. All are welcome and encouraged to stay for the Society meeting and presentation sessions.
The monthly Society meeting is on the 2nd Saturday of the month (March through October) at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, 8350 Lake Murray Blvd. (at the corner of Jackson Drive), San Diego, California.

The topics for this series of classes are:

  1. Genealogy and Your MAC
  2. Census Records
  3. Vital Records
  4. Computer Resources
In addition to Saturday classes, additional classes on a variety of subjects are offered on varying days of the week at different locations around San Diego. These educational resources are available to SDGS members and the public. Refer to the SDGS Calendar of Events on this website for dates, times and topics. 

Youth Genealogy

  • Genealogy for the Classroom
    A family history presentation for students has been designed to meet California Grade 2 Common Core Curriculum standards. It is adaptable to all grade levels. In the 'Be a Family History Detective!' program, students learn about families who lived long ago, the search for genealogical clues and interview skills.  The 30-minute presentation can be customized to the teacher's plan to include mapping (geography) or writing (biography) skills. Handouts are available. There is no charge for this program. Advance scheduling is required.  Contact the SDGS Youth Program Coordinator to make arrangements.
  • Genealogy for Boy Scouts
    An experienced genealogist and SDGS member is registered with the Boy Scouts of America, San Diego - Imperial Council as a Merit Badge Counselor for the Genealogy Merit Badge. Contact the SDGS program coordinator for more information or to schedule a presentation for your troop.
  • Genealogy for Girl Scouts
    Experienced Girl Scouts leaders are working to coordinate a program that will be available to Girl Scout troops seeking family history education in relation to 'Across Generations', 'My Heritage', and other badges. In the meantime, contact the SDGS Youth Program Coordinator if the we can be of assistance to your Girl Scout or Girl Scout troop.

       Contact the SDGS Youth Program Coordinator to make arrangements.