How to use Family Search's Family Tree

In September 2011, FamilySearch released Family Tree, which is a new way to view your pedigree using the database. When the Family Tree was first released it was read only so you could only view and navigate your family tree. Since then, several features have been added. Currently you can:
  • View and navigate your family tree.
  • Search.
  • Edit an individual's details. (You cannot yet add new individuals or change relationship details.)
  • See a history of all changes made to an individual's record.
  • Use a new source feature, which lets you link online sources to individuals in your family tree.
  • Participate in discussions.
  • Place a watch on an individual to track changes or updates.
  • See a list of all of the individuals that you are watching in the database.
As more features are added, more people will be invited to use the Family Tree.
Eventually, the Family Tree will have the same features as It will also have features that lacks.
To sign up to use the Family Tree:
  1. If you do not currently use, you must first sign up to use (If you currently use begin with step 2.)
  2. Sign up to use the Family Tree:
    • Go to
    • Enter the user name and password of your FamilySearch Account.
    • Click Sign In. You will be taken to, where you will be signed in and see a Family Tree link next to the FamilySearch logo.
  3. To see your tree, click the Family Tree link. This link is located in the upper-left corner of the screen, next to the FamilySearch logo.
    • Because only those who are deceased are shown in Family Tree, you won't immediately see your tree. You will need to add living parents or grand-parents until you can connect to one of your deceased ancestors.
    • Search for a deceased ancestor first so that you will know which living people you have to add to create the links back to the deceased ancestor you find.
    • Repeat this process on each of your ancestral lines to create your full tree.
      • Family Tree currently lacks the ability to add individuals either living or deceased. To add individuals you will have to do so in
      • You may not find a deceased ancestor in the database. In this case you will need to add them in
In the future, to use the Family Tree, simply go to, and sign in. If you don't see the Family Tree option, make sure that you have signed in.