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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 03 Reunion Users Group
Jan 06 Writer's Group
Jan 07 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Jan 11 Computer Basics
Jan 14 SDGS Annual Meeting and Seminar
Jan 18 German Interest Group (GIG)
Jan 20 Writer's Group
Jan 25 Brickwall Brainstorming
Jan 28 Roots Magic Users Group
Feb 03 Writer's Group
Feb 04 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Feb 07 Reunion Users Group
Feb 08 Computer Basics
Feb 11 *Aug 12 class is full** SIG
Feb 11 *CANCELLED* What You Can Discover in the Census!
Feb 11 Monthly Meeting
Feb 15 German Interest Group (GIG)
Feb 17 Writer's Group
Feb 22 Brickwall Brainstorming
Feb 24 San Diego Ancestry
Feb 25 Roots Magic Users Group
Feb 25 Hispanic Saturdays
Mar 03 Writer's Group
Mar 04 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Mar 07 Reunion Users Group
Mar 08 Computer Basics
Mar 11 10 Tips for Beginning Genealogists
Mar 11 Monthly Meeting
Mar 15 German Interest Group (GIG)
Mar 17 Writer's Group
Mar 22 Brickwall Brainstorming
Mar 25 GIG Special Event
Mar 25 Roots Magic Users Group
Apr 01 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Apr 04 Reunion Users Group
Apr 07 Writer's Group
Apr 08 Computer Resources for Genealogy
Apr 08 Monthly Meeting
Apr 12 Computer Basics
Apr 12 Computer Basics
Apr 19 German Interest Group (GIG)
Apr 21 Writer's Group
Apr 22 Roots Magic Users Group
Apr 26 Brickwall Brainstorming
Apr 28 San Diego Ancestry
Apr 29 Hispanic Saturdays
May 02 Reunion Users Group
May 05 Writer's Group
May 06 Family Tree Maker Users Group
May 10 Computer Basics
May 13 *Aug 12 class is full** SIG
May 13 Monthly Meeting
May 17 German Interest Group (GIG)
May 19 Writer's Group
May 24 Brickwall Brainstorming
May 27 Roots Magic Users Group
Jun 02 Writer's Group
Jun 03 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Jun 06 Reunion Users Group
Jun 10 Computer Resources for Genealogy - Part 2
Jun 10 Monthly Meeting
Jun 14 Computer Basics
Jun 16 Writer's Group
Jun 17 Hispanic Saturdays
Jun 21 German Interest Group (GIG)
Jun 23 San Diego Ancestry
Jun 24 Roots Magic Users Group
Jun 28 Brickwall Brainstorming
Jul 08 Monthly Meeting
Jul 26 Brickwall Brainstorming
Aug 05 Hispanic Saturdays
Aug 12 *Aug 12 class is full** SIG
Aug 12 Monthly Meeting
Aug 16 German Interest Group (GIG)
Aug 23 Brickwall Brainstorming
Aug 25 San Diego Ancestry
Sep 09 SDGS Fall Seminar
Sep 20 German Interest Group (GIG)
Sep 23 Roots Magic Users Group
Sep 27 Brickwall Brainstorming
Oct 07 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Oct 11 Computer Basics
Oct 14 SIG
Oct 14 Monthly Meeting
Oct 18 German Interest Group (GIG)
Oct 25 Brickwall Brainstorming
Oct 27 San Diego Ancestry
Oct 28 Hispanic Saturdays
Oct 29 Salt Lake City Research Trip
Nov 04 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Nov 08 Computer Basics
Nov 11 Roots Magic
Nov 11 Monthly Meeting
Dec 02 Family Tree Maker Users Group
Dec 13 Computer Basics

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Phone: 858-672-2593


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