SDGS Full Day Seminars 

     SDGS searches nationwide for speakers for our members at our seminars. Seminar speakers have been David Rencher, Curt Witcher, Lisa Louise Cooke, Josh Taylor, Cyndi Ingle, Geoff Rasmussen, Tom Jones, Maureen Taylor, Thomas MacEntee, Judy Russell, Blaine Bettinger and many others.


Please Join us!

SDGS Annual Meeting and Seminar


Warren Bittner, CG

Session 1: Meyer's Gazetteer: Gateway to Germany

Session 2: German Maps and Territories

Session 3: German Marriage Laws and Customs

Session 4: The Fisherman Who Wanted to Marry the Executioner's Daughter. Stories you Missed from German Marriage Resources

Date:  Saturday January 18.2020

Location:  Marina Village

Time: 9am - 3pm

Registration is now open. Details can be found here.



Address: Post Office Box 635057

San Diego, CA 92163


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